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5 Summer Styling Tips for the Mother of the Groom

Soft pastels and florals from Barker & Pattichis

With High Summer weddings around the corner, we’ve got our eyes open for fun styling tips and suggestions we can pass on to our ladies when they come in to shop. SpinLife published a fabulous article on styling for your son’s wedding, and we wanted to pass along a few of our favourites!

Fit and flare are key features of this unique peplum and lace dress from Spanish designer Carla Ruiz

*** A quick addendum. While this article was specifically geared toward the Mother of the Groom, these are great tips for the Mothers of our Brides as well! ***

-> Play your colour palette off the bridesmaids. We’ve mentioned this one before, so expanding on it seems like overkill. Touch base with your soon to be daughter-in-law to see what her attendants are wearing and go from there!

-> Pastels are always popular in the summer. Pinks, blues and yellows make a cool contrast to the summer heat, especially if the wedding is happening outside.

-> Taffeta and satin are timeless.

-> Highlight your favourite features! Whether it’s the eyes, the hair, the waistline or the bust, don’t be afraid to play up what you feel are your best features. It will help you feel confident when stepping out in front of the crowd with your baby boy.

-> Fit and flare are in this season! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

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