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7 Things to Pack for a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have become incredibly popular in recent years, with brides and grooms saying their “I do’s” at sea or on a mountain top rather than in their local church. The beauty and appeal of a destination wedding are inarguable, but it can leave you feeling a bit flustered as you try and decide what to put in your suitcase!

With that in mind, if you’re the Mother of the Bride or Groom and your children have decided on a destination wedding, here are 7 things to make sure you bring along:

– It can be difficult to predict what the weather is going to look like when you travel, especially if you are headed somewhere with a notoriously unpredictable climate to begin with. With that in mind, make sure you take plenty of clothes to layer when it’s cold and set aside as it warms.

– Along the same lines as above, look at the weather predictions for wherever you’re headed and pack coats, gloves, hats and sweaters accordingly.

– If you’re heading to a tropical destination, swimwear may seem like an obvious choice; however, even in climates that are less warm many lodgings will still offer indoor swimming pools and hot tubs.

– Because destination weddings are typically handled by on-site teams, you may find yourself with time to spare. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore!

A Book of Common Phrases in the Native Language. This will be invaluable when you venture out. Even if you aren’t quite sure how to pronounce it, the locals will be able to read what you point out and lend you a hand.

Everything You Need for the Wedding. Check the list twice, some items may not be able to be replaced wherever you’re heading. This includes shoes, dress, hat or fascinator, stockings, gloves, speeches, etc.

An Open Mind. Be willing to sample all the new sights, sounds and flavours this destination of yours has to offer!

Safe travels, and for a Mother of the Bride dress or a Mother of the Groom dress for any locale, pay us a visit here at No. 25 of Bourne End!

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