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Choosing Gloves for the Bride, the Wedding Party
and the Mothers of the Bride & Groom

As a fashion accessory, many would argue that the dress glove has seen its day. However, the tradition remains alive and well in today’s bridal community, with many brides loving the historic addition to their contemporary occasion. If your daughter or daughter-in-law has decided to add a lovely formal glove to her wedding day, here are some basic fashion guidelines for choosing a style for her, her attendants, and you.

It all comes down to the dress. The style, colour and fabric of your gloves will, unsurprisingly, be decided by the style, colour and fabric of your dress. The venue will also be a consideration. Below are a few simple glove guidelines for the perfect ensemble:

Sleeveless Dresses: Most fashion experts recommend choosing a glove that goes above the elbow if one is going to be wearing a sleeveless dress.

Elbow Length Sleeves: Choose a medium length glove that goes partway up the forearm.

¾ Length Sleeves: Wrist length gloves are the order of the day when sporting a dress with ¾ length sleeves.

Long Sleeves: The topic of wearing gloves with a long-sleeved dress is often debated. General consensus seems to be that this is one of those occasions where not wearing gloves at all is perfectly appropriate. However, if you have your heart set on them, choose a wrist-length pair that won’t cause bulging under the fabric.

Choose a fabric that complements your outfit, the venue and the season. For ring ceremonies or other occasions where gloves may need to be removed, fingerless gloves can be a practical, low key and still an elegant choice.

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