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Designer Spotlight: Fascinators by Failsworth

“Love it or hate it, what we wear is a huge part of how we communicate with the world. And the messages clothes send are bigger than just the ‘hipness’ of the latest fashion. Garments and accessories have always been a key part of how humans show respect for one another, how sexuality and gender are established, and how values and traditions are honored. Not least of all, clothes are central to personal aesthetics and individuality.”

– Laine Bergeson, Utne, 2003

Fashion is inextricably intertwined with history. With that in mind, and having so recently talked about fascinators in fashion, I wanted to take this week to do a designer spotlight on a company whose history is as much a part of their story as the hats they make.

Failsworth Hats

The company was born on Dec 2nd, 1903 and christened “The New Failsworth Hat Manufacturing Company.” With the onset of WWII, Failsworth shifted focus from traditional headwear to headgear for the armed forces and, surprisingly enough, airplane parts. (While mentioned on their site, there wasn’t much detail offered. If anyone wanted to be enterprising and find the specifics of that, we’d love to hear it!) After wartime, the company paired with John Stetson to produce the well-known Stetson brand.

From here, the company continued to grow and expand, opening the doors to new lines and its new location to become the flourishing designer they are today.

To learn more about the company’s history, visit their website. We promise, it’s worth the read!

For now though, let’s focus on what they’re doing today … and what that means for our Mothers of the Bride or Groom! Failsworth is known in the wedding community for their selection of fascinators, including fascinator discs on headbands, that have the diversity to attend almost any event. Come view our selection of Failsworth Fascinators here at No. 25 of Bourne End!

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