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Hats or Fascinators at Royal Ascot 2018?

Welcome back to No. 25 of Bourne End! I certainly hope your end of the month is drier than ours is at the moment. I’m fairly certain that one more pair of wet tights at the end of the day is going to send me crawling back into my sitting room, where I’m going to plunk my feet in front of the fire and refuse to come back out until there’s sun again! (Which is nowhere in the immediate forecast, so I’m thinking I’d better pick up a new umbrella and a pair of wellies and get over it.)

The good news is… brighter days ARE coming, and with them comes Royal Ascot 2018! This year’s races will begin on June 19th, with the last event scheduled for June 23rd.  Ascot fashion is going to be a hot topic around here. With that in mind, I wanted to shift focus for a minute away from dresses for Ascot and onto what you should be looking for when you’re looking for something up on top!

There’s an interesting debate going in some corners of the fashion world regarding whether or not the fascinator has seen its day. I do have to wonder how much of that is due to the sometimes-excessive liberties people take when designing them, but a well cut, neatly designed fascinator continues to garner general approval. (Personally, I like the fact that they’re easier to pack when travelling – it seems like I always manage to crush a hat between home and wherever I’m going, no matter how carefully I stack!)

Royal Ascot dress code dictates in many cases what your choice of dress and headgear are going to be. When doing a bit of research into the fascinator vs. hat debate, however, I stumbled on an article in the Telegraph dated last year and written by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton titled “Are fascinators old hat?”. Aside from being absolutely hilarious, there was a lovely featured quote from Juliet Slot, Commercial Director for Ascot:

“Fascinators are a great accessory for a summer garden party or wedding” says Juliet Slot, Commercial Director at Ascot, whose dress code allows fascinators in some areas. “They add to the sense of occasion and instantly elevate a look into something more special. Although we welcome fascinators in the Queen Anne enclosure, we have purposefully not included them in the Royal Enclosure as we feel hats are more appropriate; in my opinion, the right hat will always be more elegant than a fascinator, and I feel racegoers agree.”

Here at No. 25 of Bourne End, we’re happy to provide a large selection of both hats and fascinators for weddings, garden parties, regattas and yes, even Royal Ascot, if that’s what suits your fancy. Come down and see for yourself! We’re open on several Sundays too (by appointment) – stay tuned to our news feed for the latest dates & opening times. We hope to see you there!

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